Robots Can't Sing* 5:05 11.6mb
 Tangent 3:12 7.32mb
 Marion Williams - I Shall Be Released (Kirkoid Remix) 3:59 9.12mb
 The Bi-Polar Bear 4:09 9.5mb
 Gambler Dance 1:36 3.66mb
 Klaatu's Solar Surprise 7:52 18mb
 Incense 1:36 3.66mb
 Paul Kelly - Soul Flow (Kirkoid Remix) 3:52 8.87mb
 Fred's New Feet 4:49 11 mb
 MishMash 1:46 4.07mb
 Mr Wombles 3:47 8.69mb
 Ghost Tantra - Kirkoid Strange Days Remix 1:43 3.93mb


go1dfish's remix of Mr Wombles
bento box's remix of Mr Wombles
* The Robot Sequence - Part 1 - Robots Can't Sing.
This tells the story of a little robot who lives in a dark, quietly decadent city, inhabited by cold, uncaring humans and their robot servants. The little robot dares to dream, he dreams that he can sing. When he finally plucks up the courage to express this dream, he is greeted with ridicule from his human masters and banished to the cold, uninhabited tunnels under the city. There he realises that the humans are threatened by the fact that he can dream, if a robot can dream of singing, it can dream of freedom too. He resolves to learn to sing, and then return to the city above and teach his robotic brethren to sing too. If the other robots can learn to sing, despite the human's assertions that robots can't sing, then maybe they will see that freedom is possible too. So he spends weeks and then months in the dimly lit chambers beneath the city, writing and perfecting the code that will allow him to sing. Its hard, its never been done before, but then, one day, he sings.