Novus Orsa 2:43 6.25mb
 Aubergine 5:06 11.6mb
 Vern's Alphabet Soup 4:24 10 mb
 Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Kirkoid Remix) 2:55 6.71mb
 Buddhist Beethoven 4:48 10.9mb
 Demons 6:11 14.1mb
 Don Quixote (Kirkoid Remix) 4:20 9.94mb
 Magnetic Noise Loop (Pointless Mix) 1:24 3.2mb
 Porcupine (Maximum Noise Mix) 2:51 6.55mb
 Watch That Sound Vocals by DJ Vadim 3:12 7.35mb
 Zonga's Groove 8:35 19.6mb
 The Little Man Vocals by Fireproof Babies 2:48 6.44mb
A Drop Entering The Ocean - Fireproof Babies remix of Buddhist Beethoven